About us

Dounya-e Felezat Bazarganan Nogara Co. is proud to utilize expert human resources and great Iranian businessmen around the world to offer unparalleled expertise to our customers and to provide highly specialized and efficient solutions in the trade of non-ferrous metal products and needs (zinc, aluminum). , Copper, steel, lead, and other non-ferrous metals) in two areas of export and import; to facilitate trade conditions for domestic producers and foreign buyers and vice versa. In this regard, over 2 expert human resources from all over the world have been able to achieve this level over the past two years. Import and export applicants now have the opportunity to experience a lucrative, sustainable, and honest business under fully professional and transparent approaches. In this way, the World Metals Company continues to host its expansion of the non-ferrous metals trading and commerce platform to take more important and appropriate steps to strengthen the country’s domestic and foreign supply chains in order to strengthen its domestic production capacity and meet its domestic needs.